Amerimex Motor & Controls

The "DOMINATOR" AC Variable Speed Motor

  • Superior cooling system, utilizing the AmeriMex “ELIMINATOR” Stainless Steel Blower
  • Center Mounted Stainless Steel Junction Box, allows cable entry from both left and right sides and provides connection points for the Lockout Switch, Pressure Switch and RTD’s. The Junction Box is rated IP56
  • The “DOMINATOR” shaft and mounting dimensions are interchangeable with the most common drilling motors in the industry
  • Motor enclosure can be horizontally or vertically mounted and is rated IP44
  • ATEX Certified EEXE by Sira
  • ABS Certified
  • Temperature rating 145°C (293°F) rise at 45°C (113°F) ambient (ATEX Rating)
  • Form Wound 6-Pole Stator with vented laminations for superior cooling
  • Copper Rotor Bars and End Rings
  • V.P.I. System utilizing Class H insulation
  • Windings are MICA Kapton wrapped
  • Anti-friction Bearings for longer life
  • Insulated Bearing Housing (no special bearing required)
  • Drive End Bearing is designed for severe side loads
  • Tapered and straight keyed shaft. Custom designs are available
  • Single or double shaft extension available
  • Six 100Ω platinum RTD’s, two per phase, embedded in stator
  • Anti-condensation space heater
  • Encoder (optional)
  • Closed loop cooling (optional)
  • Spark Arrestor (optional)Weight approximately 8500lbs for 1150HP.


  • Standard Features:
  • 400 HP
  • 1155 RPM
  • 575 VAC
  • 3 phase
  • Double tapered shaft
  • Vertical mount
  • Amps: 366
  • Steel housings
  • Upgraded heavy load bearing arrangement
  • Steel retaining spring and keeper
  • Safety wired
  • VPI Class H Insulation
  • With covers
  • With brake hub
  • Enclosure – DPFV


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A.O. Smith

Hermetic Motors

A. O. Smith is North America's leading independent supplier of hermetic motors for air conditioning and commercial refrigeration compressors. Quality A.O. Smith hermetic motors are used by many of the world's leading manufacturers of residential central air conditioners, commercial air conditioning equipment, commercial chillers, and heat pumps, as well as makers of walk-in coolers and refrigerated display cases.

From 5.5 inches to more than 15 inches in diameter and ranging in output from 1/2 to 500 horsepower, these precision rotor and stator units are engineered to withstand extremes in temperature, caustic and corrosive refrigerants and solvents, and deliver years of reliable service.

Fractional Horsepower Motors

Durable fractional horsepower motors are available in sizes ranging from 1/20th to five horsepower and include split-phase, permanent split capacitor, capacitor start, and polyphase models. We offer fractional horsepower motors for a wide range of residential and commercial applications:

Heating And Cooling Equipment

Universal lectricä Blowers: A.O. Smith shaded pole, permanent split capacitor and split phase induction motors are used in residential and commercial furnace blowers. Our 5 and 51/2 inch diameter motors are designed for direct-drive and belt-driven applications and come in a wide variety of mounting configurations.

Furnace and air conditioner fans: When quality, dependability, and innovative features count, count on A.O. Smith fan motors. 42-frame and 48-frame permanent split capacitor motors come in a variety of enclosures and mounting configurations. They are designed to stand up to the challenges of weather, humidity, and corrosive chemicals. Universal Electric motors offer quality, functionality, and economy in blower and draft inducer applications.

Replacement motors: A.O. Smith distributes a full line of quality A.O. Smith and Universal Electric replacement motors for HVAC applications. All replacement motors are designed to meet the original manufacturers' specifications for size and performance. Look in the Yellow Pages for heating and cooling contractors and electric motor supply houses that carry these fine products.

For more information, please refer to Catalog #150 on our "Catalogs" page.

Pools, Spas, And Jetted Tubs

A. O. Smith serves the pool and spa industry with a comprehensive line of switch and "switchless" electric motors that are designed to stand up to the weather, dirt, and pool chemicals. A. O. Smith's Conservationist motor combines our two-compartment design and a proven switch that provides years of reliable service. The Centurion line of two-pole 56 frame switchless pool motors bring dependability and economy to pool, spa, and jetted tub pumping applications. Our switchless design eliminated the majority of moving parts found in these motors, enhancing reliability. Neptune leisure water motors offer a unique 48 frame two compartment design with a tamper-proof switch and governor. Commander pool and spa motors meet European IEC standards. These quality motors are designed to the same specifications as the motors found in your equipment.

For more information, please refer to Catalog 1081 and 1082 on our "Catalog" page.


Domestic water systems. 48 frame, two-compartment jet pump motors run quietly and reliably in above-ground jet pumps. The end-mounted switch offers ease of access and added conveience in these applications. Extensive testing helps determine that our jet pump motors can stand up to the constant starting and stopping and intermittent running times. Sump, sewage and sprinkling pumps. A. O. Smith motors do the work in applications ranging from upright cellar drainers, immersible sump pumps, effluent and sewage pumps.

Specialty pump motors. A. O. Smith and MagneTek offer spark-proof and explosion-proof pump motors for gasoline pumps and related applications.

For more information, please refer to Catalog 1081 and 1082 on our "Catalog" page.

Other Applications

Residential and commercial ventilation. A. O. Smith offers a comprehensive line of fractional horsepower motors that provide the mechanical power to drive exhaust ventilators, attic exhaust fans, evaporative coolers, circulating fans, and industrial blowers. Ventilation moto
rs range in size from 1/20th to 3 horsepower.

General purpose fractional horsepower motors. 42 and 48 frame reversible rotation motors designed for residential or commercial garage door and gate openers. Capacitator-start 48-frame and 56-frame rigid base motors for industrial farm applications. 56-frame open drip-proof motors for air compressors. We also make a wide variety of specialty motors, including totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) and explosion-proof models.

Subfractional Horsepower Motors

Compact, reliable C-frame subfractional motors are single coil, two pole shade pole style products. They are used in a wide range of air-moving applications where size and cost matter most such as bathroom and kitchen ventilation fans, appliances (microwave and convection oven fans, refrigerator evaporative cooler fans, dishwashers, and humidifiers), and portable medical equipment.


Complete line of crossflow/tangential and centrifugal blowers and induced draft combustion blowers is available from 20 cubic feet per minute (CFM) airflow to over 1200 CFM. These are typically used for electronic cooling, exhaust blowers, wood stoves, fireplace inserts and draft inducers.

In addition axial and radial flow fans for our subfractional C-Frame motors are available. The typical applications for these are refrigerators, duct air boosters, convection ovens and dishwashers.

Integral Horsepower AC Motors

These motors, designed for industrial and commercial applications, range in size from one horsepower to 400 horsepower for general purpose applications and up to 800+ horsepower for custom designs. They are available in two-pole, four-pole or six-pole configurations from stock, as well as, eight-pole and slower as custom designs. This product line includes open dripproof, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), TEFC-severe duty, IEEE 841, explosion proof and inverter duty operation models. Our specialty product line includes washdown models for food service applications and motors designed for use with variable frequency drives.

Century® Commercial and Industrial Motors

General Purposes

* 1 - 400 Horsepower
* Rugged Century® and Century® Industrial are the backbone of our commercial and industrial line. These integral horsepower motors come in a wide range of ratings with styles and special features that make them the leading choice in tough industrial applications.
* Century® E-Plus and E-plus 3® motors offer energy-efficient designs and value-added features for industrial blower, pump, compressor, and conveyer equipment. These totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motors are designed for continuous duty and come in sizes ranging from 20 through 400 horsepower.
* Speed Engineered® inverter-duty motors are designed, built, and tested to be 100 percent corona free. These motors were developed for use with variable frequency drives and offer the special corona protection that traditional motors can't provide.

Special Purpose and Custom Design

* 1 - 800+ Horsepower
* Multi-Mount motors offer special features such as C-flange, drip covers, vertical and horizontal mounting options, and easy brake kit installation. Their versatility and dependability make them the motor of choice for numerous customers.
* Rapid Response Center - Many of our motors may be easily and quickly adapted to your small lot special needs in the A.O. Smith Rapid Response Center located in LaVergne (Nashville), Tennessee.
* These unigue products celebrate their 100th year of providing custom AC motor technology to machinery manufacturers worldwide.
* A.O. Smith designs, builds and tests at the McMinnville, Tennessee custom motor center.

Designs include:

* Water-cooled wound rotor
* Synchronous induction
* Copper bar rotor
* High-Speed
* High torque/slip
* Washdown

Applications include:

* Crane-hoist
* Elevator
* Laundry machinery
* Machine tool
* Offshore drill rigs
* Clean room ventilation
* Pumps, fans & compressors
* DC Motors


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US / Emerson

US Motors

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Emerson is excited to offer Varidyne1. This simple to use, AC variable speed drive was designed with the customer in mind. The first 10 parameters meet 80% of drive applications, making set up fast and effortless. Installation requires only a standard screwdriver, while the removable control terminal strip makes change over quick and error free.

EMERSON Offers Ranger of FEMP- Qualified Motors

A key provision in the recent federal energy legislation requires that all federal agencies utilize a premium efficiency definition when purchasing energy-consuming products and systems, including electric motors. The energy law also requires that Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) designated products be clearly identified and prominently displayed in any inventory or listing of products by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) or the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Emerson's new FEMP catalog, includes an extensive lineup of electric motors identified with the nominal NEMA Premium efficiency of each motor, so federal facility procurement staff can easily make product comparisons.

Energy Saving Applications

Emerson Motor Technologies has expanded its line of three phase, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), energy efficient motors - e-LINE?. The all cast iron, general purpose motors are designed for severe duty environments such as those found in the pulp and paper, lumber, aggregates, mining and chemical industries.

Products & Technologies

Emerson is excited to offer Varidyne1. This simple to use, AC variable speed drive was designed with the customer in mind. The first 10 parameters meet 80% of drive applications, making set up fast and effortless. Installation requires only a standard screwdriver, while the removable control terminal strip makes change over quick and error free.
New Electric Motor concept, featuring NEMA Premium and High Efficiency Levels. They fully comply with EISA 2007 Regulation, mandatory Dec 2010.
WEG offers three phase Crusher Duty motors for applications demanding high starting & breakdown torques. Severe duty cast iron, TEFC, partners w/ THP/TPH2 Starter.

WEG's IEEE 841™ W22 NEMA Premium Efficiency Mill and Chemical Duty Motors are specially suited for Pulp and Paper Mills, Petrochemical, Steel Mills and applications requiring Severe Duty long life motors. WEG's W22 NEMA Premium motors meet or exceed all NEMA Premium® requirements for energy efficiency.
WEG definite purpose motors include auger, brake, compressor, farm, IEEE, saw arbor, stainless steel, cooling tower, pad-mounted, poultry, & in line thrust.

WEG offers three phase high efficiency and NEME Premium explosion proof motors for hazardous locations. UL/CSA certified, totally enclosed cast iron.
WEG offers single & three phase fractional general purpose motors. High starting torque, rolled steel frame, open and tottally enclosed enclosures.

WEG offers three phase IEC Tru-Metric motors for general purpose applications. Aluminum or cast iron, TEFC.
WEG offers single & three phase pump motors in closed coupled, fire, jet, oil well, p-base, pool & spa, and vertical hollow shaft. Low/high service factor.

WEG motors offer excellent reliability, high performance, and long running times without maintenance for severe duty applications.

WEG offers Synchronous and DC motors.

Variable Frequency Drives

Precision Eletric offers variable frequency drives with all of it's WEG motors. These VFD's can range from .25 horse power all the way up to 600 HP. High technology for motors driving. WEG VSDs offer several features like easy installation and operation, compact size and have a number of special functions. test